Are you ready?

Let's work together

Are you...

  • Struggling with the anxiety and stress of day to day living?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the social media ‘inspo’ and ‘info’?
  • Overwhelmed with all the diets, cleanses, detoxes, supplements, exercise options on the market?
  • Looking for someone to hold you accountable to help reach your goals?

I know how it feels to struggle with how to create the life and health you deserve, and to battle those voices that tell you that you can’t or don’t deserve it.  I’ve been there, and it took a lot of tears, frustration, failing, learning, falling… getting up… falling… getting up… falling… well you know what I mean, to finally find what works.

What you'll get

Results!! Together we will unravel all the ‘clutter’ and work towards getting YOU back again.

An initial 60-90-minute consultation where we will get to know each other. I can find out about what makes you tick, your lifestyle, your goals, what challenges you, and excites you.

A weekly 45-minute session to review your progress, identify your challenges, and celebrate your wins. At every session we will celebrate your successes, identify your challenges, and continue to build on the work we do each week. I’ll be there to celebrate, support, and stretch you all the way.


Are you ready? Let’s go!

Schedule a no-obligation call, where we will focus on:

Whether we continue to work together or not, you will come away from our call with action steps that you can use to create change in your life. If we choose to continue to the next stage, we will come up with a plan and start moving forward.

Take a breath – achieving your goals is a process. Give yourself the gift of time to create the life you want.

Schedule your call to see if we are a fit.

Your Investment

Our first meeting is free of charge as we get to know each other. Subsequent sessions will be $95 per session with the possibility of a discounted price for a set-time programme. It’s important to remember that you didn’t get here overnight so you can’t expect to change overnight. I give you my commitment to support you all the way, and with your commitment, perseverance, and kindness to yourself, the new version of you will shine!

Group Coaching

I also offer group coaching that differs from my individual one-to-one work. From corporates to coffee groups, I can work with you to create a programme that will fit your groups needs.