Jenny has been an integral part of the Steps for Life team since its inception back in 2010.

She has a passion for helping others to believe in themselves so that they are able to find and reach their true potential. Her background in psychology and her qualifications as a personal trainer among many of her other strengths are a real value to the team.

Jenny has worked with individuals from all walks of life and is able to cater her approach to specific needs.  What matters the most is that Jenny really cares about the overall health and wellbeing of people she works with. 

What we appreciate most is that Jenny ‘walks the talk’ and leads by example.

Chante Betham-Spencer
CEO Steps for Life Foundation


Since forever… Jenny has been getting amongst any opportunity to help me with community work or initiatives that make a difference.

Her work ethic, intent and execution is always on point, she has a way with people across all ages, sexes and ethnicities which is crucial in truly understanding individuals to deliver lessons in a manner which resonates.

Her attitude is infectious and although already qualified in a number of areas… I love her hunger to learn and better herself so she can make better people of those she works with.

In ten years working with Jenny at Steps for Life, I always leave my dealings with her with a smile on my face.

Monty Betham
Co-Founder Steps for Life
Co-Founder Indigo
Co-Founder Manaaki


I have known Jenny Williams for over ten years.  During this time Jenny helped me as a professional athlete, Boxing Coach and owner of Diamonds Charitable Trust.

Her knowledge of athlete-based nutrition plans helped me as an athlete, competing in a weight specific sport and then later assisting me with students and clients I coached and trained in the fitness industry.

Jenny’s knowledge is extremely extensive and her ability to communicate to a vast audience, was extremely successful with many of my weight loss programmes I facilitated as a business owner.

Our latest successful programme, PHAT CAMP, saw 22 people lose over 2 metres of fat as a collective, from around their stomachs during the level 4 Covid-19 Lock down.

Daniella Smith
IBF World Boxing Champion
NZ Boxing Champion
Owner of DIAMONDS Charitable Trust
Owner of DIAMONDS Boxing and Fitness Studio


During my time working with Jenny, the main thing I learned was to not put so much pressure on myself to achieve perfection! I now know that my health journey is a marathon, not a sprint and my body and mind are so much happier for it. I will fall over sometimes but with the advice and support Jenny gave me I don’t beat myself up, I’m kind to myself, I get back up and keep moving forward.

On a personal level, Jenny is warm, easy to talk to, and really supportive while still holding you accountable to your goals. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants results!

Angela B.


I met Jenny when my daughter joined Steps For Life in 2013. She has a passion for helping people find their self belief to reach their full potential.  My daughter certainly looked up to her as a second mum. Her sessions on how to deal with challenges whether they be physical or mental were invaluable. Jenny always delivered them in a way that everyone could understand and relate to.

When I did  STEPS myself I found Jenny to be a guiding force, a person who helps you to steer your waka without knowing it to achieve your goals. I know that I can contact her when I need to.

Karen B.